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Hiking at Pedernales Falls

Recently went hiking at Pedernales Falls outside of Johnson City, TX. Wanted to share some of the photos and videos I captured :)


Large boulders with rounded divets texture stretching from foreground to background

These boulders are IN the riverbed! At least 8-10 ft tall.

pretty water, but don't touch.

Wide-angle shot of blue-green colorful large puddle in dried riverbed.

A single red chair...for reading.

water with rock in hole?

Shallow gorge in riverbed filled with blue-green water beneath an escarpment.

That is a hole, in the side of a cliff...with a boulder in it. How?!

hey there!

Closeup shot of a small, brown and grey striped lizard on a rock.

It was so cool to catch this little on up close!

the river

River overlook at the end of a 3 mile hike

From the top of a cliff, looking out over trees flowing into the hill country with a river below.

River Overlook

thanks for coming along

Picture of me!--the author. From the top of the river overlook.

Finally made it!