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Dogfooding - Reviewing how I add images to the site

While pulling together the Pedernales Falls hiking post, I realized my process for creating and adding images (or really any content) to the site needed to change.

Process to create content for website:

  • Capture
  • Ingest and review
  • (opt.) Edit
  • Convert to compressed web formats
  • Upload to CMS (AWS S3)
  • Link to page

Convert to Compressed Web Format(s)§


We have this really cool utility, cwebp. It works great. It's distributed as a binary for x86, and seemingly limited to running on a local PC.


Other Notes§

  • On PC: Bulk-renaming would be nice -- Is there a utility for this?
  • On PC: Do we have a naming convention for tracking image files?
  • Be aware: original, orig. quality w/ smaller pixel size, smaller pixel size w/ compressed (webp), thumbnail, blur thumbnail?
  • How do we bulk compress using cwebp?
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