Rushing Labs

  • It works! Well, sorta...I've been working on my CPAT project for a while now. Quite honestly, I've grown tired of looking at ideas instead of code. So, I felt I needed to push for the inflection point where it was either proven, or failed in spectacular over-ambition.

  • I threw this on Twitter pretty quickly when it happened. Now that I've sat on it for a little bit I think it deserves a longer post here. Schema changes in Cockroach DB are distributed by design--the same as the data. This is inherently difficult to maintain.

  • My biggest problem so far has been myself. My ideas for this project take it into being something huge. Here's the hard work that often stumps me: relishing in those ideas; writing them down; and reigning the scope back into actionable items. Items that are actionable and reasonable for working in the evenings. That is tough.