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  • Have you ever had one of those little ideas for something to build "real quick"? Something not too crazy, but just a fun idea...or maybe something you just hadn't found _quite_ the solution you're looking for? Then suddenly the perfect weekend for it comes up and you decide to pounce. Let's do this. I'm starting with nothing, and not quitting until there's something to show.

  • So...I just made the switch to an M1 MacBook Air. Like many others. And it's been about 6 years since I last personally used a Mac. So, I started my reintroduction to Mac OS and getting acquainted with my shiny new laptop. However, I've never needed to configure any terminal application. The default functionality has always been enough to get my work done. Trying to use Node.js on M1--and running into a need for zsh--has changed that for me.

  • Almost two years ago, I posted a video covering a niche use-case of running a React and Express development environment from a single command. The video turned out to be the most successful video of my new YouTube channel, and still continues to push things forward. Considering the previous video automated React & Express (and a touch of Node.js) behind a single command, the next step would seem to add Mongo DB to the mix.

  • The last post I wrote on refactoring this blog for subdirectories made an assumption I didn't realize was such a weak point, for generating article routes, based on crawling directories. When deploying after finishing the code for supporting directories, the deployment builds started failing, and the main error reported was confusing.

  • A few months ago I converted this blog over to Next.js (file-based routing, big win!) but this also meant that to get the /[year]/blog-post-title URL structure I needed to support subdirectories in the build process. So, considering it originally only supported files in a single flat directory, a refactor was in order.

  • I recently needed to automate metagoofil searches using Python, and thought I'd share the "proof of concept" script that got it working. I'll apologize ahead of time for any errors--I'm still only just beginning to learn Python.

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