Rushing Labs

Dynamic Zoom


Default Dynamic Zoom§

Enable "Dynamic Zoom" in the "Inspector" tab

Linear Pan - Dynamic Zoom§

  • After enabling “Dynamic Zoom” from the “Inspector” tab for your required clip in the timeline, click on the dropdown in the bottom left corner of the timeline viewer and select the “Dynamic Zoom” option.
  • The green box represents the starting size and position of the zoom and the red box represents the ending size and position of the zoom.
  • Click inside the border of the green box and move it to the left for a pan effect. Drag the border to resize the zoom to your taste.
  • You will see a line or motion path connecting the 2 boxes.
  • Now click on the red border and resize it to the same size as the green one and drag the box to the right side. (The same size will ensure no zoom out or in. Alternatively, you can resize the boxes for panning and zooming in/out at the same time).
  • Select “Linear” (or any other option according to your taste) against “Dynamic Zoom Ease” for gradual speed from the start of the clip to the end of the clip.
  • Now play the clip. It should pan from left to right with your required zoom.