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Post Previews

How were the preview sections, for each post on the index page, created?

  • Determine where the "main page" is generated/created from

    • This is /index.js
  • Then find how index.js pulls the data for the posts

    • /lib/posts.js -> getSortedPostsData()
  • In the method, getSortedPostsData(), we'll need to make sure it returns all the contents of each post. It's already returning the formatted "frontmatter" (this is used for title, date, etc.)...we just need to also return some of the post contents, so we can abbreviate it to "preview" the post.

Markdown vs. HTML Content§

Be careful here though...

Returning fileContents in getSortedPostsData() is literally the Markdown content, not yet converted to HTML.


In getSortedPostsData(), this...

return {

...needs to become

return {
    convertToHtml( fileContents.grabFirstParagraph() ),
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