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A04:2021 Insecure Design

A04:2021 — Insecure Design


Common vulnerabilities in this category look like§

"Insecure Design" is a broad idea, not a specific vulnerability category. This is more a feeling that can be seen as anti-patterns, bad code smells, or insecure patterns producing vulnerabilities in other categories.

Still unsure? Try asking your developers, security team, and any architects for their opinion on the design of your code. May be best to lead the conversation with curious and probing questions, but let them do the talking.

Defensive Design & Prevention§

  • Establish and use a secure development lifecycle with AppSec professionals to help evaluate and design security and privacy-related controls
  • Establish and use a library of secure design patterns or paved road ready to use components
  • Use threat modeling for critical authentication, access control, business logic, and key flows
  • Integrate security language and controls into user stories
  • Integrate plausibility checks at each tier of your application (from frontend to backend)
  • Write unit and integration tests to validate that all critical flows are resistant to the threat model. Compile use-cases and misuse-cases for each tier of your application.
  • Segregate tier layers on the system and network layers depending on the exposure and protection needs
  • Segregate tenants robustly by design throughout all tiers
  • Limit resource consumption by user or service
  • Limit resource consumption by user or service