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Hi! I'm Darrien, a software engineer and content creator based in Austin, TX.

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With over 8 years in the tech industry, I wanted to create a space to share what I've built, create tutorials to help others, and share some ideas for what I'd like to build in the future.

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Rushing Labs on YouTube is where I create tutorials, and share my progress building projects.

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My GitHub profile is where you can find a majority of the rest of my online work.

Check out my recent blog posts
  • Setting up Delve for Golang Debugging, and a simple error

    Recently I started learning Go, and my first exercise forced me to setup a debugger, revisit a common issue, and learn some of the tooling ecosystem for Go.

  • Hiking at Pedernales Falls

    Some pictures from hiking at Pedernales Falls

  • React is weird...and the lesson I learned

    It feels like every time I step away from React and come back something has changed. This time it was useEffect. This turns into a walk through learning how an old data fetching habit led me to see a design flaw and reflect on error messages and documentation.

  • Learning Python CRUD - Data Relations

  • Learning Python CRUD - Initial Choices & Issues

    Upon starting a new job, I was challenged by for the first time being in a place that doesn't use any language I have previous/extensive experience in. So, I thought it would be interesting to capture some first impressions about getting into Python and these frameworks. Learning curve and mistakes imminent...