Rushing Labs

  • Amortization Calculator

    While shopping for a house, I needed an amortization calculator that was more helpful to my budget than what I was finding online. So, I made one. I also took the opportunity to test what kind of CI/CD pipeline--with security tests--can be created (for free) with the built-in tools available on GitHub. The demo is hosted on Heroku via Docker containers.

    Boring screenshot of an amortization table
  • Rushing Labs (website)

    Originally, I was just playing around with hosting a blog, and over time it has ballooned into a happy little place to share some of the developery stuff I do.

  • owasp

    OWASP Top 10 is considered the "gateway to AppSec", so naturally I'm interested. But quickly I found it confusing to read about generic security vulnerabilities when I was used to code snippets and hands-on examples as a developer. So, I brought the two ideas together: OWASP Top 10 + hands-on code.

  • game-capture

    Explaining how I setup and produce game capture videos